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Phonesty Professional

19.95 Euro per month

Web and telephone conferences in one

The smartest business-conference-solution available on the market. Certainly the only one integrating web and telephone conferencing so seamlessly. Along with many useful tools for conference planning and documentation you also get the most important features of a web conference like screen-show and webphone access with Phonesty Professional. All this at an extremely competitive price.

Only 19.95 Euro per month (incl. VAT)

Video Conferencing by App and Webbrowser

Telephone and web conference in one

Dial-in conferences for 0 cents per minute

Dial-in at local, low costs

Dial-in numbers in 37 countries

Dial-out conferences worldwide starting at just 1 cent per minute and participant (see price list)

Unlimited number of participants (fair-use-policy)

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Features in addition to Phonesty Premium:

  • Phonesty App access for all participants
  • Webphone access for all participants
  • Screen-Show

  • Approved for commercial use
  • Invoice by postal mail or by e-mail as PDF
  • Option for a post-paid account

  • Creation of additional accounts possible
  • Creation of additional conference rooms per account possible

  • Rights management to share admin rights (conferences and/or accounts) with other users

Dial-in, Dial-out and Video conferences

  • Video Conferencing with Phonesty App
  • Video Conferencing with Webphone
  • MP3-conference-recording
  • Quick-dial entries
  • Plenum mode
  • Conference scheduling
  • Control of the conference via web interface
  • Control of the conference via voice menus

  • Text-invitation
  • E-mail-invitation

  • Admin dial-in from more than one telephone number
  • Admin dial-in from every telephone number world wide (optional)
  • Admin identification by caller ID (optional)

  • Option to skip welcome message
  • Participants can mute/unmute
  • Disconnect particular participants
  • Option 'End conference when admin hangs up' can be deactivated

Conference room & access

  • Own, permanent conference room
  • Immediately and always available (no reservation necessary)
  • System generated conference room number

  • Mixed dial-in and dial-out conferencing
  • Lock/unlock conference room

  • Conference room protected by password and PIN
  • Self selectable Admin PIN
  • Self selectable User PIN
  • Change PINs online
  • Reset password online (by e-mail)

Payment & prices

  • No registration fee
  • No minimum fee
  • Easy online registration

  • Online payment system (VISA OR MASTERCARD ACCEPTED)
  • Online balance check (via web interface)
  • Online call log (via web interface, up to 3 months)

  • Voice announcement of call charges
  • Billing by the second