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The right service for all of your conference call needs

Phonesty is setting new standards for conference calls and video conferencing: Experience state-of-the-art technology for professional conference calls: calls are absolutely free for dial-in conferences and start at 1 cent per minute for dial-out conferences, worldwide. Conference lines are always available for an unlimited number of participants (fair-use-policy). With a multitude of features available, you can now tailor your conference calling experience to your specific needs

0.00 Euro per month

Easy conference calls and video conferencing for private use. Includes dial-in numbers for the United States and Germany, your own private conference room, conference control via voice menu and dial-out options.


3.95 Euro per month

Convenient conference calls and video conferencing for the advanced private use. Chat long distance with family and friends in different locations. With conference control via voice menu and web interface, webphone access, MP3-recording and many more useful features.


19.95 Euro per month

Perfect for professional use: High-tech telephone and and video conferencing, all in one. Phonesty offers many convenient planning and invitation tools for easy conference organization.


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