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Phonesty Free

0.00 Euro per month

Free conference calls for everyone

Free conference calls - at any time, without reservation. The participants only pay the costs for a normal fixed-line call (no additional charges, e.g. 900-numbers). Conference control via voice menu on your phone. Dial-out conferences are also possible. Experience the best with Phonesty

No monthly base fee

Video Conferencing by App

Dial-in conferences for 0 cents per minute

Dial-in at local, low costs

Dial-in numbers in USA and Germany

Dial-out conferences worldwide starting at just 1 cent per minute and participant (see price list)

Unlimited number of participants (fair-use-policy)

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Dial-in, Dial-out and Video conferences

  • Video Conferencing with Phonesty App
  • Control of the conference via voice menus
  • E-mail-invitation
  • Admin dial-in from one German telephone number
  • Participants can mute/unmute

Conference room & access

  • Phonesty App access for Phonesty members
  • Own, permanent conference room
  • Immediately and always available (no reservation necessary)
  • System generated conference room number
  • Mixed dial-in and dial-out conferencing

  • Conference room protected by password and PIN
  • Self selectable Admin PIN
  • Self selectable User PIN
  • Change PINs online
  • Reset password online (by e-mail)

Payment & prices

  • No registration fee
  • No minimum fee
  • Easy online registration

  • Online payment system (VISA OR MASTERCARD ACCEPTED)
  • Online balance check (via web interface)
  • Online call log (via web interface, up to 3 months)
  • Settlement of dial-out conferences via pre-paid account
  • Invoice as PDF by e-mail

  • Voice announcement of call charges
  • Billing by the second