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Prices from free to incredible competitive

For all Phonesty services the same low cost prices apply to dial-in and dial-out conferences.

Also every service includes personal conference rooms which are exclusively availible at any time for you without reservation.

The different monthly fees result from the different configurations and additional features of the specific service (web conference control, MP3-conference-recording, web conferencing, etc.).

There are no additional charges except the ones mentioned on this page.

Monthly fees

Phonesty Free 0.00 Euro
Phonesty Premium 3.95 Euro
Phonesty Professional 19.95 Euro
Additional conference room 9.95 Euro
Additional account (incl. 1 room) 19.95 Euro

Rates (incl. VAT)

Dial-in telephone conferences
(Per participant)
0.00 cents per minute
Each participant only pays normal charges for a fixed-line call
These charges will depend on the telephone provider
Dial-out telephone conferences
(Price per participant)
  Fixed-line Mobile phones
Germany 1.49 cents per minute 9.95 cents per minute
USA 1.02 cents per minute 1.02 cents per minute
China 7.03 cents per minute 8.58 cents per minute
Great Britain 1.02 cents per minute 1.34 cents per minute
Australia 1.43 cents per minute 2.40 cents per minute
Canada 1.02 cents per minute 1.02 cents per minute
Japan 2.30 cents per minute 2.89 cents per minute
Italy 1.02 cents per minute 2.55 cents per minute
Spain 1.02 cents per minute 1.68 cents per minute
  For other countries enter the number you want to call (at least international area code and the city or the network prefix).

Austria, Graz: +43316


Other costs (incl. VAT)

Conference invitation by E-Mail free
Conference invitation by SMS 9 cents per SMS
Invoice by e-mail as PDF free
Invoice by e-mail as PDF with signature free
Invoices by postal mail 1.00 Euro
Additional copy of invoice by postal mail 1.00 Euro